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Ordesa and Monte PerdidoOrdesa and Monte Perdido


Ordesa National park was founded in 1918 and extended in 1982 to include the Monte Perdido massif and three further valleys; Pineta Valley, Escuaín Gorges and Anisclo Canyon. It covers and area of 15,608 hectares and each of the four valleys are dramatically different to the others and has its own special quilites.


Monte Perdido massif is a limestone formation, its highest peak is 3348 metres high and is know locally as Las Tres Serols. The Park is located in the Aragon Pyrenees in the province of Huesca and is within the Sobrarbe region.


To the north it borders the Parc National des Pyrénées in France. The region belongs to the municipalities of Torla, Puertolas, Fanlo, Tella-Sin and Bielsa, as well as the Town Hall of Broto that has some territory within the park.

Hiking in Ordesa ValleyHiking in Ordesa Valley

Hikes in the Ordesa Region


  1. Torla – Turieto Bajo – Pradera de Ordesa
  2. Pradera de Ordesa – Cascadas del Estrecho – Pradera de Ordesa
  3. Pradera – Circo de Soaso – Cola de Caballo
  4. Pradera de Ordesa – Senda de los Cazadores –  Faja de Pelay – Circo de Soaso – Pradera.
  5. Pradera – Cascada y circo de Cotatuero

Hiking in Cañón de AñiscloHiking in Cañón de Añisclo

Hikes in the Añisclo Region


  1. Ereta de Biés - San Úrbez - Puente río - Bellós - Río Aso - Ereta de Biés
  2. Ereta de Biés - San Úrbez - La Ripareta
  3. Ereta de Biés - San Úrbez - La Ripareta - Fuen Blanca
  4. Ereta de Biés - San Úrbez - Sercué - Ereta de Biés

Hiking in Garganta de Escuaín

Hikes in the Escuaín Region


  1. Revilla - Mirador de Angonés
  2. Revilla - Barranco de Angonés - Cruce sobre Barranco de la Garganta - Refugio de Foratarruego
  3. Escuaín - Proas de O Castiello - Escuaín
  4. Escuaín - Pista de La Valle - Puente de Los Mallos

Hiking in Pineta Valley

Hikes in the Pineta Region


  1. Parking - Pista Llanos de La Larri
  2. Parking - Pista de La Larri - El Felqueral - Cascada del Cinca
  3. Parking - Pista de La Larri - El Felqueral - El Cantal - Balcón de Pineta


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